Shacked Up: Cohabitation for Millenials

Living together can make or break a relationship.

As millennials, our narcissistic tendencies often prevent us from letting our guard down and allowing another person to love us for who we really are. But when you’ve talked to that someone through the bathroom door while you peed, or played rock-paper-scissors for whose turn it is to take out the trash, it’s hard to keep those walls up.

Being among the first of our friends to enter into a life of cohabitation, I resorted to finding most of my relationship advice from Google and Yahoo answers. Between the knuckleheads in chatrooms and click-baiting lists, I realized there was a serious lack of advice for young adults in similar situations.

This blog has nuggets of useful information for couples living together or thinking about living together, in and out of wedlock.

We are two young professionals living in a fixer-upper in Nashville, TN, just trying to figure out how to live life together. We don’t have all the answers, but our experiences may shed some light on how to love and grow together under one roof.


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