Frugal Friday: Lazy Breakfast Sandwich

grumpy morning gif

I feel ya, tiny, grumpy child. 

I am NOT a morning person.

I snooze the alarm at least two to three times, and then spend about 10 minutes flopping around in the covers, whining like a pouty toddler.

After finally rolling my bedraggled behind out of bed, I stumble to the kitchen to make coffee and slap together some breakfast that takes neither effort nor focus.

And so, the lazy breakfast sandwich was born.

This sandwich is so easy that you could actually make it in your sleep. Because that’s pretty much what I do every morning.

Lazy Breakfast Sandwich

Estimated time: 1 minute. Not even kidding.

Serves: One grumpy person.

lazy breakfast sandwich ingredients

Lazy Breakfast Sandwich

1 English muffin

1 Large egg

1/8 Cup of shredded cheese or 1 slice of cheese, if you’re fancy like that.

1 Crème brûlée ramekin or some other small microwavable dish.

lazy breakfast sandwich egg


Crack an egg into the ramekin and whip it. Whip it good.

Plop cheese on top of egg. Mmmm, cheese.

Cover with paper towel and microwave for 45 to 50 seconds.

Dump on a lightly toasted English muffin.

If you’re one of those people who can actually function in the mornings, you can mix up mushrooms or veggies in the egg. Show off.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly carnivorous, top it with the breakfast meat of your choice.

Now you are all fueled up for a day of wishing you were at the beach instead of work.

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