14 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

New Years Shacked Up: Cohabitation for Millennials

Just in time to kiss 2014 goodbye, here are 14 couple’s resolutions to make sure the fireworks continue long after New Year’s Eve.

  1. Remember to pull your hair out of the shower drain (That means you too, gentlemen.)

  2. Acquire matching “kiss the chef” aprons, and cook at least one meal together a week.

  3. Eat a sandwich before starting an argument.

  4. Get a hobby that doesn’t involve your boo.

  5. Sweep/Swiffer the floor at least once a week. Tumbleweeds aren’t decor.

  6. Try something new. Take a class, try a new restaurant, visit a nudist colony etc.

  7. Spend less time on the couch watching TV even though you’re really into this one series on Netflix, and it doesn’t require pants.

  8. Wear pants more.

  9. Hold each other accountable for fitness or diet goals by secretly switching all of their clothes to a size smaller.

  10. Put a little bit more effort into maintaining facial hair (That means you too, ladies.)

  11. Don’t try to holler to your lover from a different room. Get your butt up and go talk to them.

  12. Drink less. Starting after New Year, obviously…

  13. Save more money. Now that you are drinking less, that should be easy!

  14. If you’re in bed together, a smartphone is the last thing you should be holding.

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